A look beneath the surface of Barry Russo takes you to the intersecting crosscurrents of a dedicated professional performing musician, church music ministry leader, and relentless student of life. The Rhode Island native, now based in Central Upstate New York, is embarking on a new artistic endeavor with the release of singles from the Realign collection, a reflective but hope-filled, upbeat exhibit of melodic pop rock, characterized by distinct 80s influences and spiritual overtones. 

Perhaps Russo's penchant for melody was hatched behind the Chickering baby grand in the living room of his childhood home. Day after day, he labored over the music of Bach, Beethoven, Clementi, and Mozart, among other classical composers, which provided a fitting soundtrack for the majestic waters of Narragansett Bay that churned outside the picture window, while simultaneously nourishing the flow of musical growth.

In years to come, Russo's love for all things musical would find a coexisting inspiration in the sounds of countless bands and pop artists, spanning a wide range of decades and genres. Some favorites have included Howard Jones, Journey, Rob Thomas, Lincoln Brewster, and Keith Urban, to name but a few. All contributed to the shaping of an artist known for the infectious melodies and catchy lyrics that have become a hallmark.  

Throughout his performing career, this introspective songwriter has often found himself in a far-reaching conglomeration of venues and before a plethora of contrasting audiences. From any extreme the world of the late night has to offer, to playing hymns in church a few hours later, these polarities have usually been the norm rather than the exception. This has had its advantages, reinforcing a unique perspective and hunger for the meaningful that have come to define Russo as an artist and person. The realization that regardless of the person or venue, we're all mostly searching for the same things has created a sort of ambassador, who possesses a unique ability to seamlessly bridge the diverse paths he travels.

2022 will mark a continuation of Russo's recording endeavors, including the Realign collection, as he brings his reflections to fruition and invites his listeners to contemplate and celebrate their own journey.


The official artist bio above does its thing and fulfills its professional purpose of making me sound way cooler than I really am! If you'd like to hear it "straight from the horse's mouth (in this case, me being the horse), stop by The World in Z-flat Major...

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