Chic by Christina is a custom bracelet boutique founded and operated by my wife, Christina. It features hand-crafted designer bracelets, fashioned for personal expression from a diverse array of organic materials. These pieces are made for all occasions, and allow the wearer to describe who they are in any circumstance. They're as varied as the assortment of personalities and styles they express, and range from the subtle to the bold, while bursting with energy and color.

As a nurse, Christina has found a way to combine her passion for design with her calling to lend a helping hand. A portion of every sale is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a cause that has a very personal importance to both of us.

I get to be the proud husband here, but even if I was a totally objective stranger, I could still easily say that Christina's work is top notch. Ladies, if you like fashion accessories that are unique and high quality, take a few moments and head on over to

For the guys who may be reading this, you should likewise check out, as a special lady in your life will be sure to love one of these!

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