Church Services

While my music position at St. Bernard's requires my presence on Saturday late afternoons / early evenings and Sunday mornings, I am available to play for church services held at other times. I specialize in piano, keyboard, organ, and singing in a wide variety of genres, including classical repertoire, traditional hymnody, and contemporary praise and worship music.

While my regular church ministry positions have been in the Catholic tradition, I'm quite familiar with and have played for services in other denominations and for non-denominational ones as well. Years of church music ministry have heightened my insight and understanding of how music in the church setting differs from that of secular musical entertainment, and how to select music that honors and reflects the beliefs and traditions of the particular denomination. In the spiritual setting, I seek to invite all to join in the special form of prayer found in music, and to provide a means by which to support and enhance the worship experience. 

Whether you're in need of an accompanist, vocal soloist, or both, I'm honored to assist you in that endeavor. For more information or to inquire about availability for a certain date and time, contact

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