Piano Lessons

Each of us, in our professions and worldviews, are a combination of our various learning influences and our experiences.This is especially so in music. We're shaped by what we enjoy, immerse ourselves in, and what we're introduced to. It's with this in mind that I approach my role as a piano mentor. 

In sharing a bit about my background, I spoke a great deal about my primary piano teacher in my formative years. The instruction I received from her and other masters, along with my professional experiences as a performing musician, songwriter, recording musician, and worship music leader, have all combined to create the musician I've become. In turn, I seek to impart this knowledge on those who entrust me with guiding their musical development.

I focus on giving each student a firm grounding in the essentials of music theory, reading, ear training, rhythm studies, expression, and of course, technique. Depending on the age and level of the student, my approach will vary, and I try to introduce the student to a variety of genres. While I believe classical repertoire provides a solid musical foundation and becomes part of the course of study when the student is ready for it, I allow and encourage students to also pursue mastery of favorite songs and styles.

I realize, whether an adult or child, students today are busier than ever before. Adults tend to stay at work longer than the traditional 9 to 5 hours, and modern children are likely to be involved in many activities. This can require navigation by the teacher to encourage advancement through a regular practice routine, while being flexible to each student's circumstances.

I realize everyone has different goals and reasons for taking lessons. Whether a student is seeking to advance professionally in a music career, or is learning for enrichment and relaxation, I'm committed to providing them with the tools they need to advance and succeed. Most of all, I want them to enjoy the process, and have fun!

You will find that I'm quite flexible when it comes to scheduling. I don't require any contracts or certain number of lessons per month. Most students study on a weekly basis, either for thirty, forty-five, or sixty mintues, but I can adapt an arrangement that fits individual needs. 

For students in the Louisville, KY vicinity, lessons are held either in the convenience of your home, or at my location in Prospect. For those not in the Louisville area, online remote lessons can be arranged. Numerous reference contacts are available upon request.

To begin your piano journey, or to give your child a potential lifetime of musical appreciation and enjoyment, contact pianolessons@barryrusso.com.



Here are some of my students sharing their skills at a student recital:

"Barry makes my eight-year-old twins laugh even when they don't want to have a lesson. And they have been practicing on their own more and more. It's great to see. He is also so accommodating with our crazy schedule, which I really appreciate."  -  Lesley Osborne, Crestwood, KY

"Starting piano lessons as a senior, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Barry. He had great patience with me and made sure I understood his instructions. I truly enjoyed practicing and looked forward to our weekly lessons. I would recommend him to anyone interested in lessons no matter the age."  -   Faye Lorden, Warwick, RI

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