In concert, Barry creates an energetic atmosphere that takes the audience on an exhilarating ride of peaks and valleys. As the first note is sounded, there is a sense in the air that this event will be far more than just hearing some music performed. Instead, it becomes quickly apparent that it will be a couple of hours of inspiration, soul searching, celebration, laughter, and sentiment. All the while it is often hard to tell who is having more fun - the audience or Barry himself. His innate ability to connect with people, along with his humble persona and dry, often self-depreciating humor, strikes a chord at every concert. Through a series of up-tempo songs and ballads, storytelling, and moments of audience participation, he takes the audience on a fun-filled, yet powerful journey. Whether solo or with his superb backing band, Barry makes the most of every performance, blending his piano and keyboard skills with heartfelt vocals. Most of all, his audiences leave not only having been thoroughly entertained and encouraged, but feeling as though they have just made a personal connection with this unassuming "everyman."

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"You make me think about my own journey in life."
-Laurie Toracinta Rossi - Coventry, Rhode Island

"Barry's artistry and songwriting are an excellent combination for an exciting musical journey."
-Shay Watson - Nashville, TN

"Cool to the highest power!"
-Cody Bertrand, Somerville, MA

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