Change the World

One of my favorite movies of all time was 1994's "The Shawshank Redemption." From it came Morgan Freeman's character's admonition that we can either "get busy living or get busy dying." 

Our world, and particularly the United States, has become a place where there is this kind of invisible cloud of anger, stress, fear, rage, and probably a million other emotions all around us. Like a cloud that is so filled with water droplets that it has to burst into a downpour, this cloud is likewise overflowing. We saw it with the recent violence at the Capitol. We saw it in the summer of 2020 with the extensive civil unrest. We see it and hear it every time we turn on the TV or radio, or go on the internet. 

Perhaps this was always the case, and the instant access to technology and media makes it all the more apparent nowadays. 

So we can sit and complain. We can get angry. We can call for politicians and governments to change things and make the world a better place. We can argue our various viewpoints and positions all day and night on social media. We can blame this one or that one. We can stereotype people according to their race, ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, financial and social status, political affiliation, and thousands upon thousand more of classifications. We can put labels on everything. We can retreat into our little corners of whatever our understanding of the world is. 

OR, we can get busy BEING the change. They may not talk about it on CNN or Fox, but maybe there's someone out there today for whom your simple act of kindness will make all the difference in the world. 

Maybe if enough of us started consciously living this on a daily basis, there would be a movement of change that would begin to shift and transform that cloud I described. Will the world ever be perfect? Probably not. But it may just be a whole lot better. 

And who knows? Maybe one of you will BECOME the leader of tomorrow. So, get busy being the change... 

With that, I introduce my latest song, and first of 2021, "Change the World," as well as my premier solo attempt at being the mix engineer and producer:


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