Wedding Ceremonies

Throughout my years of performing, I have played piano, organ, and sang for countless wedding ceremonies in churches, ballrooms, country clubs, as well as outdoor ceremonies. I can work solo or with other musicians (as an instrumental accompanist, vocal soloist, or both) and can provide a variety of genres, ranging from classical to popular and everything in between. My years of church music ministry have provided me with a solid background in and sensitivity towards the particulars of music in the worship setting across many denominations. I've also been a part of many non-denominational and non-religious ceremonies. I can perform in the capacity of instrumental accompanist for other soloists, as a vocal soloist myself, or a combination of both.

My services include a preliminary in-person meeting with the bride and groom (or by phone when couple is unable to do so), and subsequent follow-up communication to ensure you have the musical program you envisioned for your special day! 

If the venue where the ceremony is being held doesn't have a piano or any other keyboard instrument, I can provide my own. For more information or to have me be a part of your wedding experience, contact

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