"Sometimes it’s about going there, not getting there. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination." - Drake

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I'm Alive

Throughout history, various cultures, philosophies, and religions have had their views on life and death, and particularly what happens after death. A common theme has been that life continues after death in some shape or form. Countless individuals have reported having NDEs (Near Death Experiences), including many who, up until that point, had not believed in anything beyond their physical existence in this world.

One of the greatest analogies I ever heard on the subject compares death to a radio. When tuned to one radio station, does it mean that all the other stations are not simultaneously broadcasting? No. The listener is just not tuned into them at that moment. Death, this analogy explains, is similar. When someone passes away from this life, those left behind are no longer able to "tune into" the frequency they are now on. But, like the other radio stations, it doesn't mean they no longer exist. This can also explain the many encounters and experiences of ghosts that people claim to have had. Maybe it's in those moments when the frequencies become close enough for a brief time to see beyond the veil. Perhaps that's similar to the static-filled signal one gets when not completely tuned into a particular station.

People who have lost loved ones to death often report having a sensation or feeling that their departed person is with them or watching over them. This may come in the form of a song that comes on the radio at just the right moment, or an item that shows up in the perfect spot at an ideal time, and so forth.

I wrote the song "I'm Alive" in late 2013, not long after the sudden and unexpected death of a young father of three from the church community I was working for, and while my uncle/godfather was in the final months of a long battle with lung cancer. I recently produced and recorded it.

In the silent moments, may we all sense the joy-filled voices and presence of our loved one who have gone before us, and who are still very much alive, somewhere on another frequency.