I regularly provide piano and keyboard tracks for a wide variety of recording projects. These are primarily done remotely, which allows this service to be offered regardless of geographical location, and to be delivered quickly and efficiently at an affordable rate.

How does the process work?

- Begin by contacting Explain what you're seeking (piano part, keyboard/synth parts, accompaniment, etc.), and whether you want an existing specific part played, or one created for your song. Attach an mp3 of whatever you have, even if only a basic rough idea. 

- If you decide to move forward with the project, you will receive a Paypal invoice for a $25 deposit to officially activate the project, or you can initiate this step at the bottom of this page.

- When I've completed the tracks, I'll provide you with an mp3 for your approval. Once you're completely satisfied and the remaining balance is paid, you will receive the stems in wav. file format. For grand piano parts, you'll receive individual tracks from each mic position, along with a mixdown of one track that combines all the mics. Your tracks can be sent to you dry and panned center, so that a later mix engineer can apply whatever settings they want, or you can receive a version with panning, EQ, and effects.

What is the fee?

- The fee is $125 per song. Included in this price are three revisions. Additional revisions are $10 each.

How long does it take?

- On average, most projects can be completed in three to seven days. Occasionally, it could be longer. I'll provide you with a clear and specific timetable before we begin.


For more information or if you have a specific question, feel free to send an email to, or use the contact form below.

To hear some audio samples, check out the music player on this site (top left), or click on the SoundCloud icon below. I'm also available for hire in this capacity through a service known as SoundBetter.

Barry Russo, Piano on SoundBetter

"Barry is simply fantastic! This was my first time ever using a session musician and Barry made me wonder why I never did it before! He was very professional and easy to work with. The piano playing was of course superb and exceeded my expectations. His communication was great and he made prompt adjustments as and when I needed them. I would highly recommend him to anyone." -  Leo Bull, London, UK

"Another great experience working with Barry. Lots of great communication, and I hope to keep up the working relationship." - John Thomasson, Nashville, TN

"As always, working with Barry is such a joy. What a talent, what a guy! So easy to communicate with and work through different things with. Love this guy!" - Chad Martin, Los Angeles, CA

"Great experience working with Barry! Always happy to work with such a talented artist." - Gdaliy, St. Petersburg, Russia

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